Why choose us for Swedish translations?

Due to professional studies in target languages and a lengthy translation experience, we can offer terminologically correct and fluent translations. We always let another pair of eyes look at the final result, so that even the smallest mistakes, which the translator might sometimes not notice, get fixed.

Through TV, printed media and the Internet, we are always up-to-date with Estonian and Swedish news and everyday life, which keeps our language use “active” and helps us to understand even the finest nuances in texts. If necessary, we always consult with the client and experts in the respective field.

The use of computer-assisted translation tools with translation memories allows us to keep the terminology consistent and to avoid typographical errors when forwarding unchangeable data in the target language. It also speeds up the translation process in the event of repetitive parts of the text, thereby allowing a lower price to be offered. Our prices per word start from € 0.075 (+VAT), but a separate quote is made for each request, depending on the type of text.