Over the years, we have done thousands of pages of translations for many different end clients.

Among the bigger projects are the Swedish to Estonian translated books "Kooskasvamine" (A. Wahlgren) and "Pea vastu, mamps" (I. Jalakas) published by the publishing house Ilo, and the Estonian to Swedish translated books "Estlands vackraste herrgårdar, slott och borgar" (J. Kuuskemaa) and "Estland: Landet, folket, kulturen" (K. Porgasaar) published by the publishing house Grenader Grupp. 

Years ago, we had a very interesting experience translating subtitles for several Swedish TV series ("Skärgårdsdoktorn", "Rederiet", etc.) and Ingmar Bergman’s films that were shown on Estonian television.

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